Named after a Finnish zoologist Alexander von Nordmann (Picea abies) Nordman Fir Christmas Trees from Hartwell Nurseries | Local garden centre plants and supplies for Aylesbury

Nordman Fir Christmas Trees

Named after a Finnish zoologist Alexander von Nordmann (Picea abies)

An attractive symmetrical shape and currently the most popular Xmas tree, grown in sustainably-managed forests throughout Northern Europe for the non-drop qualities of it's needles, which shine with a beautiful green colour on all surfaces. The strong soft foliage with layered, well-spaced branches, makes it ideal for all the family to help decorate for Christmas. The Nordman Fir tends to be quite wide for a given height, especially compared to the Fraser Fir.
The Nordman Spruce is the tree given by Norway every Christmas to Trafalgar Square, New York and Edinburgh.

If planting out a bare-rooted tree after Christmas, Norway Spruce tolerates acidic soils well, but won't thrive so well on dry or deficient soils.


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