Named after the Scottish botanist John Fraser (Abies fraseri) Fraser Fir Christmas Trees from Hartwell Nurseries | Local garden centre plants and supplies for Aylesbury

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Named after the Scottish botanist John Fraser (Abies fraseri)

A nicely dense conical tree with a smooth grey-brown bark and spirally-held needles arranged flat on the branches making it easy to decorate. The needles are flat and flexible, shiny deep green on the top surface and a slightly silvery grey-geen on the underside. The soft dense foliage makes it a good Xmas tree for the whole family to help decorate for Christmas and the often slim conical shape with a tall leader makes it ideal for smaller rooms. When crushed, the needles give off a lovely Christmassy festive scent. Fraser Firs are a slow-growing tree, and have a higher price because of that, but the shape, colour and scent make it very desirable in more affluent areas.

The Fraser Fir has a very good fragrance and the ability to retain its soft needles for a long time when cut, making it one of the very best to use as a Christmas Tree.

In the USA, the Fraser Fir is more commonly used as the official Christmas tree in the White House than any other type of tree.


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