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Bright colourful pansies ready for planting now

A range of bright, colourful bedding plants at great value prices!

We sell individual potted plants, large 24-cell trays and mixed pots and hanging baskets bursting with colourful, quality plants. It's probably safe now to plant in |TOWN| but keep an eye on the weather forecast for ground frost on open areas.

Look out for our spacks of colourful Winter Pansies packs!

Included are pansies, lobelia, marigold, snapdragons, alyssum, stocks, geraniums and petunias plus others. Our stock list below changes weekly so drop by anytime to see what we have for you.


Local Deliveries

We're based near Aylesbury on the border between Bucks and Oxfordshire, and can offer trade deliveries to a wide-ranging local area.

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