Fiskars Pruning: Solid Snip Pruning Floral DP14 (Out of stock)


Fiskars 1051601

Smaller than a traditional pruner, but with more cutting capacity than a snip, the Fiskars® Floral Pruner is ideal for working with cut flowers, as well as tasks essential to encouraging healthy growth, such as cutting, light pruning and deadheading. The coating on the hardened blade makes the pruner durable and easy to use. The fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades stay sharp through heavy use. The SoftGrip™ touchpoints on handle enhance comfort and control. The added features include a stem stripper for use with various-sized stems and a built-in wire cutter. 


  • Coated, hardened blades, for easy durable use
  • SoftGrip™ touch points add comfort and control
  • Stem stripper for various size stems
  • Wire cutter 
  • Lock, helps protect the blades

Price: £9.99

Solid Snip Pruning Floral DP14 (Out of stock)