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: Large Mature Olea Europaea Bonsai


Ancient Gnarled Bonsai Olive tree 120-140cm

Add an elegant touch with an exclusive Bonsia tree to spice up your garden. This exotic plant is easy to care for and is very hardy so it deals with harsh weather well. 

Olive trees originated from the Mediterranean. They are from the family 'Oleaceae'. Each tree is truly unique with mature gnarled trunks and unique leaves.

Plant Care:

  • Well drained Soil. The recommended soil is John Innes No.3 mixed with agricultural grit.
  • Watered regularly 
  • Avoid water logging
  • Hardy down to -15°C
  • Can be placed in sheltered or exposed areas.
  • Evergreen

Price: £695.00

Large Mature Olea Europaea Bonsai Large Mature Olea Europaea Bonsai  photoLarge Mature Olea Europaea Bonsai  photo

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