Wild Bird Care

Enjoy the beauty of birds in your garden with our superb range of bird care products. We stock a large selection of bird feed, feeders and accessories from leading brands like RSPB and Westlands.

Whatever quantity you need, from a small or large bag, we have a fantastic selection of quality feeds at the best prices. Choose from a wide variety of peanuts, seed, suet treats, fat snax, sunflower hearts, nyjer seeds and no mess seed mixes.

Seed Mix 1KG
Gardman Nyjer seed- 0.9kg
Seed Mix No Grow 1KG
Gardman Sunflower hearts 1kg
Peanuts 1KG
No Mess Seed Mix 1KG
Gardman Hedgehog bites- 650g
Gardman seed mix 2kg
Gardman Nyjer seed- 1.8kg
Gardman no grow seed mix 2kg
Gardman no mess seed mix 2kg
Gardman Sunflower hearts 2kg
Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo
Gardman Jumbo Suet Cookie
Gardman Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder
Gardman Flip Top Seed Feeder
Gardman Beach Hut Seed Feeder
Gardman Berry Suet Feast
Gardman Flip Top Nyjer Seed Feeder
Gardman Beach Hut Peanut Feeder
Peanuts 2K
Gardman Peanut Suet Feast
Gardman Seed and Insect Suet Feast
Gardman flip top suet feast feeder

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