Rocks, Decorative Stones & Water Features


We are proud to promote that we offer the largest selection of decorative rocks, monoliths and stone spheres in the area.

The pictures below are some of our selection of rocks and stones we have in stock. 

The majority of the rocks we have are water features. Water pumps are not included.

The rocks in the pictures below will be marked and priced as soon as we can. If you are interested in any of them please contact us:


Phone: 01296747961

Or if you would prefer to pop in and speak to one of our team we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!!


Prices coming soon.

Rocks 1
Rocks 2
Rocks 3
Rocks 4
Rocks 5
Rocks 6
Rocks 7
Rocks 8
Rocks 9
Rocks 10
Rocks 11
Rocks 12
Rocks 13
Rocks 14
Rocks 15
Rocks 16
Rocks 17
Rocks 18- Pumpkin Cascade £55
Rocks 19- Drilled Cobbles £20
Rocks 20- Large Mushroom £90
Rocks 21
Rocks 22

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