Darlac Hand Tools: Sarah Raven Ergo Pruner


Darlac product code: DP3253

  • Small garden pruners with ergonomic handles
  • Perfect for light pruning and deadheading around the garden, greenhouse or for houseplants
  • Curved control pillar
  • Strong, lightweight pocket-sized pruners
  • Easy action catch

The Darlac Sarah Raven Ergo Pruner is a garden pruner that’s perfect for light pruning, snipping and deadheading. The ergonomic handles on this handy garden tool incorporate an ingenious control pillar that fits comfortably into the curve of your hand while your index finger fits into the notch on the opposite handle, providing ultimate control and preventing the hand from slipping towards the blade. The catch is very easy to use and can fold away inside the handle when in use.

Price: £9.00

Sarah Raven Ergo Pruner