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Fiskars Cultivating: SmartFit Telescopic Garden Digging Spade


Fiskars 1001567

Fiskars Telescopic Garden Spade (Pointed) features a pointed cutting edge to aerate, stir and turn soil and cut through roots. This tool is especially good for digging in stony, clay and hard soils while the D shaped handle ensures a good fit for all hand sizes, with or without gloves. This telescopic tool has an adjustable shaft length which extends from 1050mm to 1250mm. This means that the spade can be comfortably used at range of heights. The welded connection between the blade and the shaft ensures rigid durability and longevity while its boron steel construction adds extra strength and makes penetration into the soil easier. The tool's lifting angle of 13º ensures a comfortable working position.

Price: £39.99

SmartFit Telescopic Garden Digging Spade