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Wildlife in the Garden

Protect your local wildlife this Autumn/Winter

Wildlife in the Garden



Protect your local wildlife this Autumn/ Winter



Hedgehogs - You can give hedgehogs a helping hand by providing them with the materials to make hedgehog homes in the garden: log piles, compost heaps and leaf piles can give them shelter for winter. It’s also a good idea to leave a hole in your fence so they can move between gardens when they need to.

SUPER TIP: Check bonfires before they are lit for sheltering and hibernating animals, such as hedgehogs, toads and frogs



Birds - Birds are more likely to visit gardens in autumn and winter, as they rely on bird feeders when their natural sources of insects and grubs dry up. They need calorie-rich suet, sunflower hearts and peanuts to maintain fat reserves on frosty nights. 

SUPER TIP: Help birds in winter by placing fat blocks in wire cages. Balls in plastic nets are not recommended as birds such as woodpeckers can get their tongues caught.

What you can do: Leave food out for birds every day, including supplementary food such as peanuts and sunflowers, and fallen fruit. It’s also a good idea to leave seeds on herbaceous plants and shrubs, and don’t forget to keep your bird bath topped up.



Frogs, Toads and Newts - Frogs, toads and newts overwinter in log and leaf piles, or beneath stones and plant pots. Some rest in the mud at the bottom of ponds. They’re also fond of compost bins, so be careful if forking over the heap. Frogs enter a state of torpor in winter, rather than hibernation, rising from their slumber in search of food on warm days.

SUPER TIP: What you can do: Float a tennis ball or similar in your pond to prevent it freezing over, reducing oxygenation and suffocating any frogs beneath the surface.


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