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Time to buy Summer Bedding

Summer is here, now is the time to brighten up your garden beds with our beautiful bedding plants!

Summer is here

Summer is here, now is the time to brighten up your garden beds with our beautiful bedding plants!

Our greenhouse is brimming with packs of summer-bedding plants including pansy, viola, petunia and lobelia - all ready for planting right away.

From elaborate public garden designs and street planters to the smallest front garden, bedding plants provide a temporary decorative seasonal display for beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets. 

Planting our bedding plants:

  1. Rake the soil level, removing any large clods, stones or leaves. 

  2. For formal bedding schemes, mark out the design on the surface of the soil using fine sand. 

  3. Gently loosen plants from their trays by pushing them up from the base. Knock out plants from pots by giving a sharp tap to the bottom with the handle of your trowel. Remember to keep your hand securely over the top of the plant when doing this so as not to drop it on the ground! 

  4. Handle plants by leaves or rootball.

  5. Starting with the central block of your design, first lay out the plants on the soil where they are to be planted. Use a template or a rough guide such as the length of a trowel to space plants evenly. Only when you are happy with the positioning should you begin planting 

  6. Plant so the top of the rootball is just below the soil surface.

  7. Firmly place in the soil.

  8. Once planting is completed, water in using a watering can without a rose 

  9. Shallow-rooted plants dry out quickly, so water regularly when they are growing strongly 

  10. Deadhead spent flowers frequently to promote continual flowering. 



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