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Tips for May

May has arrived so here are a few jobs and tips to keep your garden looking it's best.

Spring is in full swing; however, the temperature is still low so there are certain things we've got to be careful with.

  • Keep care of your lawn and mow regularly - at least once a week.
  • Start seeding a range of vegetables indoors, including lettuces, onions, carrots and sprouts.
  • Plant up herbs in a pot or planter on your patio to use when your BBQ is in full swing!
  • Tender plants still need protection so leave potting and hanging baskets until a little later in the month when the weather hopefully heats up. You don't want these to be taken by the late frosts.
  • Keep on top of the watering. Even though it is still cold, the ground is quite dry.
  • Continue to trim, tidy and enjoy your garden!

If you need any help or advice, our team is always on hand. Pop into the Nursery to talk to us.

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